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San Jose’s New Feral Cat Control Program

A Method That Finally Works!

We have started a program that has proven effective in other cities, known as ‘‘TNR’’ (Trap, Neuter, and Return).

Cats are:

1) Trapped and brought to the SJACS shelter.

2) They are sterilized, vaccinated, treated for parasites, ID microchipped and ‘‘ear tipped’’ (the ear is surgically re-shaped). Ear tipped cats should never be re-trapped.

3) After recovery, we return the cats to their neighborhoods.

Why We Can’t Just Remove the Cats

Removing cats from their established territory only means that other cats will come in from outside the area to fill the void. It is why you have feral cats in your neighborhood even after years and years of removal efforts.

A Few More TNR Benefits:

We hope that you will support this effort, and allow your neighborhood TNR cats to keep the issue under control.


For more information, please contact:

The Cat Resource Center

(408) 335-4357 (HELP)

Would you like to participate in this program?   Complete the registration form and return to one of the contacts below.    Volunteer Registration Form 

Contact:  408 533 2354

March 9 was our kick-off meeting starting with a presentation from Denise U.  March 9 Presentation